About Motherfunctions

At Mother Functions, we know that parenting is hard.  We offer a tongue-in-cheek view of parenting that aims to take the edge off of the difficulty of raising kids and to bring some light-hearted humour to everyday life with children. We provide a humorous outlook on parenting from different perspectives, while also providing important, but balanced, information on the difficult parenting topics.

At Mother Functions we believe that the best parents are the ones that know that there is no such thing as “The Best Parent.”  We bring our readers a connection to other parents that are all facing the same obstacles and challenges.

Mother Functions is the best online publication for parents. Mother Functions offers hilarious parenting stories, interesting articles, unique craft ideas, parenting life hacks, parenting tips and tricks, recipes and product reviews, online comics and much, much more.  We offer a unique blend of long and educational articles, short, lively features, and opinion pieces to suit all parents.  We offer all this in a clean and sleek looking online publication.

We boast the ability to reach parents with all ages of children across all genders, ages, income brackets, and religious and ethnic backgrounds.

Mother Functions will update weekly.